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The Historic Sunset Highway
in Washington

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The Snoqualmie Pass Wagon Road 

The Snoqualmie pass wagon road began as a Indian Trail to connect the East and West sides of the state. In the 1850's building a road over the pass was first discussed. In 1867 a wagon road was completed from Seattle to Ellensburg. In 1883 the road was improved and became a toll road. This was because the road had fallen into disrepair due the advent of the railroads. In 1893 the tolls ended and the road became a county road. In 1907 the state passed the State Road Act and the wagon road became State Road No.7. Finally in 1915 the wagon road was abandoned for the New Sunset Highway.

The map above shows the start of the Wagon Road trail.

The map above shows the wagon road in relation to the switch backs.

Road Planking Photos

The start of the one mile hike up the wagon road.

Wagon road on left and the 1915 Sunset Highway on the right


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