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National Parks Highway Mapped

Big Association Publication
Shows Route Across Continent – Distance 3500 miles
Spokane Review July 27, 1915
By Frank W. Guilbert

The National Highways association, a great nationwide organization of public-spirited individuals who are desirous of securing national legislation for a system of highways for all portions of the United States, have just sent the Spokane County Good Roads association a number of well-executed, splendidly lithographed maps of the national parks transcontinental highway front Puget Sound to the Great Lakes.

They show a connection clear through to the Atlantic coast, giving a terminus at both Boston and New York.

This map, having been published by this prominent national organization will influence a great many to make the trip across the country, either coming out or going back to their homes over this route. The fact that it is recognized as a continuous good highway by the National Highways association will have a great influence on the touring public.

The national parks transcontinental highway also appears as the northern main line route on the general map of the United States published by this same organization. On this map are shown all the main highways of the country both north and south and several less important connections.

Traverses 12 States.

This new map shows that the national parks transcontinental highway traverses 12 states, touches five state capitals, passes through 111 counties and 80 County seats; that the counties traversed have a. population of 14,129,034 and 161 adjoining counties have an additional population of 8,310,170 making the population directly served by this highway 22,160,902.

This map also shows that the road passes through a total of 651 cities, towns, villages and hamlets: that the total distance from Boston to Seattle is 3500 miles as against 3320 miles by railroad; that the distance from New York to Tacoma is 3500 miles by this highway and that the railroads make the distance, between these cities 3256 miles.

Rains Undermine Grade.

It was unfortunate that the heavy rains in the Cascade mountains undermined the new grade just built by the state through Snoqualmie pass. All those using the pass prior to the rains were delighted with the condition of the highway and the ease with which the crossing from the east side of the Cascade mountains to the west side was accomplished.

From information gained by talking with those who have come through the pass since it was reported bad, it is possible for cars to make the trip on their own power. 

For those cars who might have some difficulty there are numerous teams employed by the state on the work which can be utilized on the bad mile or so of road in pulling cars across. Since writing the above we have advice from the highway department that the pass road Is again fine.

Controversy is Regrettable.

The Controversy between the Sunset highway route and what is known as the North Central highway route from the Columbia river westerly to Seattle is a regrettable. 

Our best information is that Blewett pass road between Wenatchee and the point east of Cle Elum where it joins the North Central highway is dangerous because of precipitous and narrow stretches of mountain highway.

We are advising people who wish to go to Wenatchee to double back re-crossing the Columbia river at Columbia river crossing near the mouth of Colockum creek, thence, southerly to the crossing above Beverly known as Vantage terry, thence westerly through Ellensburg and Cle Elum to Seattle.

The purpose of the Good Roads association a to get the exact facts as nearly as they exist regarding all routes from Spokane in any direction and give accurate information to the tourists regarding any of those routes. 

It they wish advice from us as to which is the bettor route we give them the best route according to our own Judgment and that route which we would take ourselves were we to make the particular trip about which inquiry is made.

Rivalry Is Too Intense.

Wherever more than one route is available between two given points there seems to arise a bitter fight between the towns on the one route as against the towns located on the alternate route, or vice versa.

It seems to me that then communities would reap far greater benefits If they would not let their rivalry for this tourist traffic become too intense and would work together on the general scheme of bringing tourists to this northwest country, trusting that they will receive their rightful share of that traffic.

There is no doubt in my mind but by cooperating and all working for a common purpose we can lure a far greater number of the tourists from the east to this great northwest playground than by letting each single community endeavor to do its own bit of adverting. Ignoring the many other communities that also deserve recognition in so comprehensive a campaign.

Should Work together

There is no doubt but what one section contains those things, which are of interest to certain of those who come this way. Another section has other environments attractive to a certain number, and so on.

If we all work together and give, the best possible information obtainable we are going to have these easterners all go back home and tell their friends at the courteous treatment and accurate information provided them throughout this entire territory, a very desirable reputation to acquire, It seems to me.


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